Voice Of The Artist: Leila Irvine

Leila’s theme ‘Neomysticism’ has been a way of life and an inspiration for her art. She will be a part of the Tatinis Art Show from 30th August – 1st September 2019 at Wanha Satama, Helsinki.


Art Beginnings

I started painting and collage-work about 20 years ago. I am now a retired artist.

Art Inspiration

I sit silently and wait for inspiration.

Role Model

I admire works by Eeva-Sofia Rauramo and many others.

About My Work

One visitor wrote to me: As an ignoramus of art, I can only say, that I am deeply moved and also bemused by your unique pictures.

Tatinis Art Show: Theme

My theme is called Neomysticism. The themes of my photographic collages and paintings include expressing beauty through everyday objects and making the so-called “invisible world” concrete. Sources of inspiration have included familiar objects, as well as the mystical world in its playful nature. My art has also been inspired by dreams and the multi-layered meanings of the subconscious.



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