Voice Of The Artist: Arash Groyan

With 3 pieces of paintings exhibited in the Tehran museums, several others in various private collections of different countries, Arash has made a prominent mark in the art industry. He will be a part of the Tatinis Art Show from 30th August – 1st September 2019 at Wanha Satama, Helsinki.


Art Beginnings

I graduated in Persian painting from art university, Tehran and, my Master’s degree is Communication Art from Bangkok university. I’m working on two different type of Persian paintings: Miniature and Illumination. All of my works are inspired by Persian poetry, narratives, mythology, epic and Iranian cultural heritage. Choosing a topic plays an important role in my works.

Art Inspiration

Usually I’m looking at ancient books and images all the time, but it depends on the title of the new work I start to search about the details from historical reliable resources and articles (museum, library, university or searching online). I thoroughly research about characters and elements, and then start working on the first sketches.

Role Model

I gain inspiration from Persian artists from the 16th century in Iran. According to our resources, that period was the best and all artists were collaborating together as a teamwork. That time Persian artists, initially appeared in illustration books and work of poets but later turned to an independent form of painting of its own style and design. Many scholars and art experts believe that, it was a golden period.

About My Work

As we know, Persian painting is a kind of national art and I’m working on it by mixing contemporary ideas with traditional style. Most of the Iranians are family with my titles but that is amazing when I see foreigner audiences are extremely interested in this type of art. Whether they buy or want to learning; some of them even are aware about Persian painting – that’s the best and memorable response for me.

Tatinis Art Show: Theme

I will share and introduce 10 paintings of my best artwork for Tatinis 2019 in Helsinki. These works selected from different techniques, titles and styles. Many of them are from 2019. Also, will be unveiling my latest painting with a title from ‘Shahnameh.’



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