Coffee Chat @ TAS: Yash Kashyap

I am a 14-year-old Indian artist residing in Singapore. My artworks tend to use either Coloured Pencils, or Technical Pens as their primary medium. Many artworks have subjects relating to public figures in popular media, like characters from books and films, as well as animals. These often are based on recent events, like the release of a film, or a major event covered on the news. 

1. What’s the best thing about being an artist?
    The best thing about being an artist is being able to take images, concepts or ideas and presenting them in a realistic or conceptual way using certain mediums.

2. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
  Apart from art, many of my interests lie in Scientific fields, and more often than not, they   influence me, and even started my interest in art many years ago.

3. What helps you focus?
To focus, I usually listen to music or podcasts on Spotify or YouTube. This keeps the back of my mind absorbed into the creation of the artwork.

4. How do you know when a painting is done?
    A painting is usually considered done when the subject of the artwork is made to a certain standard, and the secondary elements, like the background and foreground of the drawing, frame the subject in a compelling and concluding way.

5. How important are the titles of your painting?
    I don’t tend to think about many of the titles of my artworks because most of them are very literal representations of known figures. 




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