Coffee Chat @ TAS: Anila Ayilliath

The whimsical, vibrant night-scape paintings, inspired by her childhood memories of the magnificent view of the star-spangled nights, the artist connects the human minds with the infinite universe and bigger picture of life. She uses art as a salient medium to reach out and soothe the current chaotic situations in the world.

1. What inspires you to paint?
The wish to capture the colourful, happiness-inducing images from my mind.

2. What’s the best thing about being an artist? 
Interacting without words with a diverse audience and sharing the joy of a colourful world.

3. Best piece of advice you’ve received?
Consistently keep doing what makes you happy without giving up and it will bring out the best in you and everyone around you

4. How do you know when a painting is done?
  When each glance at the work will give me a feeling of content without any doubts.

5. How important are the titles of your painting?
The title links a painting with the artist’s emotions about the painting. I love to mark my thoughts on the painting with the titles.




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