Elements in Perfection<br><sub>by Pavanarani Verma</sub>

Elements in Perfection
by Pavanarani Verma

Landscape, Mixed Media, Canvas, 36 X 54 inch (Height X Width)
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Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, the five elements of nature are the building blocks of life creation. As diverse as they are in their individual properties, they co-exist in a certain harmony; as if controlled by an unwritten code of conduct—one could not flourish without the other. This wonderfully ironic rhythm of life and that consummate balance in the cosmos is the inspiration for Elements in Perfection.

I have portrayed the close relation they share by stacking them right next to each other in a balanced pattern, drawing parallels to their various states of being to the circle of life.

The white columns in the painting represent air/ether; the grey columns have been rendered the texture of stone to represent earth; bamboo, nature, shown here in varying intensities of green to depict its unpredictability; the blue columns have been done using glass paint to portray transparency. They signify water (Fluidity) and also lend tonal balance to the grey-green colour palette. Fire, the basis of creation is shown as a red line running across the canvas. It ties all the other together to symbolize the birth of life—the start of a new cycle. That they exist concurrently and in harmony is represented by the linearity in my painting. It appears to extend beyond the canvas to convey longevity and a sense of continuity.

Many ancient philosophies have explored the close link between the elements of nature and human existence; the material world and organismal evolution. My painting highlights how the unique contrasts and unifying properties of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether play a composite part in our life, our state of mind, body and soul—our existence.

The Elements & The Human Spirit

White Space > Air/Ether > Subtle Energy > Intuition.

Bamboo Space > Earth > Growth > Various intensities & imperfections.

Stone Space > Metal Energy > Mental Coolness / The functions of the Mind.

Water Space > Fluidity > Flexibility/Flow > openness to flow with life.

Red Line Space > Fire Energy > The binding Force of Action.

  • Size: 36 inch x 54 inch
  • Medium: Mixed Medium on Canvas
  • © Pavanarani 2015
  • Singapore Delivery: Stretched Canvas
  • International Delivery: Rolled Canvas
To learn more about Pavanarani Verma, click on the link: http://bit.ly/2eYx9xE


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