Hidden 2<br><sub>by Aseem Mehra</sub>

Hidden 2
by Aseem Mehra

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As I explored the idea of camouflage, I realised how patterns link to culture and then to identity. A body being hidden in the pattern provokes the idea of a hidden self. This fine art photography piece is about the search for identity due to the loss of roots after being away in a foreign land and yet the effort to maintain it. The interesting thing about this art work is that I am the artists and I am the art. I have prepared the background and achieved this with self-photography and self-body painting The script on the body is the word ‘Om’ symbolising the state of consciousness or the soul within. I have used this symbol as it is connected to my original culture and also because it symbolises the hidden self within all of us which is the soul.

  • Size: 16 X 16 Inches
  • Medium: Fine Art Photography on Canvas
  • Year: 2017


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