Neon Mandala<br><sub>by Priyanka Gupta Sarvaiya</sub>

Neon Mandala
by Priyanka Gupta Sarvaiya

Square, Paper Quilling, Canvas, 6X6 inch (Height X Width)
Only Singapore
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This Neon Mandala in happy fluorescent colors have been made using the technique of Paper Quilling which involves rolling narrow strips of paper in intricate patterns. Each component has been rolled, shaped and assembled individually by hand and each Mandala can take anywhere from 20-30 man hours and contains anywhere from 200- 350 strips of paper.

Hand painted using watercolor. Overall, this piece is a beautiful combination of art and craft together on one canvas and is OOAK (one of a kind).

  • Size: 6 inches X 6 inches (box canvas)
  • Shipping: Stretched Canvas


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